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Ayuda / FAQ

Ayuda / FAQ

As a Netload Premium user, you download a file at up to 100 MBit/s. If you can't achieve this speed with a broadband connection, then the problem may lies in the routing. Our technical support team can in most cases quickly optimize your speed with some information from you. Please fill out this form and start the integrated speed test. The test results will be sent to our technicians who will begin fixing your problem as soon as possible.
Please close all other open windows and end all active downloads to get the most accurate test results.

Comenzar test de velocidad

Free users share a limited bandwidth which can at times result in slower speeds. To avoid this problem, we recommend that all users upgrade to a Netload Premium account because Premium users have guaranteed unlimited bandwidth. Premium users can download as many files as desired and the speed remains unaffected by the transfer volume!