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Aide / FAQ

Aide / FAQ

No, there are no traffic limits for Premium users. As a Premium user you can download as many files as desired and the speed is unaffected by the transfer volume. A Netload Premium user, depending on his or her internet speed, can download files at up to 100mbit/s. Only free users share a common, limited bandwidth which can experience lower speeds at high-volume times. To avoid this problem, we recommend that all users upgrade to a Netload Premium account because Premium users have guaranteed unlimited bandwidth.
We would like to help you, but Netload is just a file host and files are uploaded by registered users like you. We don't what part of the file is missing or the password protecting it. If you're looking for certain files or are requesting a password to open a file, you'll have to get in touch with the user who uploaded it or ask the user who gave you the link to the file.
Please fill out this form and we will answer your query as soon as possible.